We're proud to say that our Dragon Sweets Gummy and Sour range is one of the largest varieties in New Zealand. Our lollies are packaged in 2kg bags and are distributed all over the country.

Not only do we specialise in lollies but also in novelty confectionery under our Dragon Sweets brand. Our novelties are some of the most unique and creative in today's market. Check it out for yourself and if you'd like to know more feel free to contact us.

Our website is currently being updated with the complete range of our products. This is a work in progress, check back any time to see the new additions

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Super Hiper Acido Stick
Super Light Clay in tube 20g
Super Tattoos 5.5g
Terrific 1kg Party Mix
Terrific 1kg Sour Mix
The Jelly Bean Factory Surprise Mix 50g
Thumb Dippers 43g
Thumb Suckers 27g
Tic Tac Orange 24g
Tic Tac Peppermint 24g
TNT Sour Bubblegum Lollipop 1kg
TNT Sour Chews 1kg
TNT Sour Tongue Painter 1kg
TNT UP Date 34g
Tomato Paste
Tom & Luke (Dose & Co)140g Snackaballs Caramel
Tom & Luke (Dose & Co)140g Snackaballs Choc Fudge
Tom & Luke (Dose & Co)140g Snackaballs Vanilla
Tom & Luke (Dose & Co) 50g Collagen Bar - Caramel
Tom & Luke (Dose & Co) 50g Collagen Bar - Chocolate Fudge
Tom & Luke (Dose & Co) 50g Collagen Bar - Vanilla
Tom & Luke Snackaballs 140g - Cacao, Mint & Almond
Tom & Luke Snackaballs 140g - Peanut Butter & Cacao
Tom & Luke Snackaballs 140g - Salted Caramel