Here at Dutch Rusk we specialise in wholesaling, Distribution and importing of confectionery under both our own "Dragon Sweets" range, and a selection of well-known brands. We manage an extensive distribution platform throughout New Zealand, built on a well-established network of distributors, wholesalers and agents.

We have our own team of nine sales representatives that travel the South Island from Nelson to Invercargill in our very own branded Dutch Rusk Vehicles. This allows us to cover the FMCG industry including Dairies, Fuel Accounts, Schools, Fruit & Vege, Convenience Stores, Impulse Outlets and Supermarkets. Our National distribution is backed up by our 2000sqm warehouse, located in Nelson; the centre of New Zealand.

Dutch Rusk from the Street
Echodale Place – Outside
Dutch Rusk Warehouse
Echodale Place – Inside


Future Proofing

The FMCG industry has changed significantly over the years and we have had to change the way we do business to stay one step ahead. After almost 30 years of business servicing our customers with confectionery trucks delivering stock, we decided to take our fleet off the road in 2013.

The trucks were replaced with representatives visiting our customers in cars, taking orders with electronic sales tablets which instantly sends the order back to our warehouse. The orders are then picked and packed by our dispatch team using tablets, and sent out by courier that same day.

The sales tablets have access to our entire catalogue, making information and images of over 1100 products available to our customers. Now our reps are armed with real-time information at their fingertips, including customer data, sales history and real-time stock quantities available. This allows them to maximise the time they spend on sales visits, and allows them to provide the best service and advice to our customers to help them to grow their businesses. The introduction of this new technology has given us real live data for reporting purposes to our Principle.

Restructuring our business this way has future-proofed our company and enabled us to align ourselves with our customers, so that we can provide them with the best service for many more years to come.

Dutch Rusk Cars
Sales Rep Cars

Dutch Rusk Sales Representative
Sales Tablet